Gossip: Couples Drama 

Where are all of our couples? While Christmas is the time to come together, we are seeing everything but.
Are Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett headed for Splitsville? Sources think it looks so, but we think otherwise. Matt hasn’t taken her initials (A.J.G) off of his blog just yet. Maybe they’re trying to work it out? We spoke with someone who works with the couple on the set of their show Victorious, to shed some light on the topic, to which they responded, “They aren’t the same as when they first got together. Things are different and weird. It’s like one is always trying harder than the other… We just hope that for the sake of the show a bad break up doesn’t happen.” OUCH! So what happened to our young couple in love?

Apparently, they aren’t the only ones experiencing trouble in paradise this holiday season. Hot couple Shenae Grimes and Darren Criss aren’t as close as we once thought. A source close to the couple explained Shenae doesn’t want kids and Darren says he does. Our informant tells us he isn’t happy with her confession. This all stems from the answer he gave last weekend when asked if he wanted kids. He said yes, but he didn’t know how soon. Perhaps he’s working on changing her mind. We hope he does! Who else thinks their kids would be ridiculously hot?

And what’s a news story about couples if we don’t mention our OTP -not official- couple, Leighton Meester and Cory Monteith. Our minions tell us they are spending this Christmas… together! Is this what we’ve been waiting for? Our verified sources say Cory can’t wait to reunite with Leighton for some fun this holiday weekend, but they won’t spend the actual Christmas day with each other. We can see it now: chestnuts roasting on an open fire while Cory and Leighton exchange Christmas presents. We can’t wait to see what they got each other!

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