Things here in Hollywood have been very slow and unexciting. What happened to our badass actors and actresses? This just won’t do. Send in your confessions, gossip, rumors, hate, what-have-you to keep myself and the faithful readers interested. 

Rumors spreading like wildfire:

  1. Do Leighton Meester and Cory Monteith have troubles in their relationship? (Nothing new)
  2. Is Matt Bennett and Ariana Grande’s relationship over? (Nothing new there either)
  3. Did Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez ever work things out? (Who cares?)
  4. Is Emma Stone in rehab? (HAHAHA)
  5. Rumors about Emma Robert’s drug abuse. (That seems interesting)

Those are just a few of the [boring] rumors going through the grapevine, however, there are only two big stories that caught our attention this week:

  • We would just like to focus on Emma Robert's alleged drug abuse. Clearly, she didn't pay enough attention to the great stars before her, including her father. Emma has been seen lately sporting the attitude of a helpless drug addict and we think it's about time she get the help she needs. But signs aren’t the only proof here, no. Emma was spotted at a popular English night club on Monday night in the VIP section taking an unknown substance. She appeared to be heavily intoxicated and she could not control herself. A hint of advice to you Emma, you need to put the Coke down and pick up a script… or a one way ticket to rehab. We surely don’t want you to end up like, say, Lindsey and her strung out daddy.
  • Superbowl Sunday wasn’t just for football, it was also Darren Criss' birthday. But he didn't spend it with his girlfriend and friends, well not his friends here. Photos of Darren at a Semi Precious Weapons concert with a lady unknown to us (Mia we believe is her name…) surfaced on Monday, along with pics from a grand party with guests like Dianna Agron. But where was his girlfriend? She was on the couch, liveblogging the Superbowl with friend, Leighton Meester. As usual, we aren't sorry for what we're about to say; that relationship (Shenae and Darren's) is doomed. They might as well break up now. We get that they have lives outside of each other, but to go to an extravagant party and concert without your girlfriend is just unacceptable! 

As always, we want the scoop, so do as you’re told and let us in on your dirty little secrets or else we’ll just reach in and grab them out of you!

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