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It’s been a while since I’ve graced your dashboards with my witty presence, and while I’m excited that I have news to report, I would just like to say you people bore me to no end. What happened to you guys? You all used to be so vibrant. There was a time I would creep on Matt and Leighton’s funny banter, or Shenae and Darren’s… adventures? It’s like the bubonic plague has come to claim your lives. Please, humor me sometime within the near future, children. 

That being said, let us move on to the more interesting stuff, like Alex Pettyfer’s ‘Thank You’ tattoo (which, we wonder if Emma has seen…) and what he really thinks of Hollywood and his peers; an update on Leighton Meester’s legal affairs; plus an interview with Shenae Grimes about how she stays busy, 90210, and relationship rumors and much, much more. Please, do not hesitate grabbing that bowl of popcorn while we entertain you, or piss you off. Whatever. 

  1. Alex Pettyfer. Surely, when you hear the name, you think, “one more of Hollywood’s young heartthrobs,” but he is so much more than that… But we can’t blame him for the shit he does (or says), he’s had a rough past year. His movie flopped, his girl dumped him, he hit a low point and stalked her, his house caught fire, and now he just walks around half mad at the world. The other half? Half cocky-asshole. Let us elaborate. When Alex sat down to do an interview with VMAN, his rather large ego kicked in, prompting him to say things that we half wish he didn’t say and half applaud him for. Like when asked about the ‘Thank You’ tattoo, placed strategically above his, ahem, well, a little farther south of his belly button, he responded with, “You know, in case I forget,” and added a sly wink for the full effect. Our thoughts? We actually found his response quite dreamy in that every ‘girl-loves-a-naughty-boy' kind of way. But he didn't stop there, he continued with his word vomit. "L.A. is growing on me a little bit but it’s still a shit hole. I think it’s this insidious pool where nearly everyone lives in fear. Geographically it’s fantastic, but socially it’s disgusting. I wish they’d run all the cunts out. I wish I had some interesting stories about living in L.A., but mostly I just do my work and then go home. Being an actor is like being in prison. You go, you serve your time, you try and replicate Johnny Depp’s career, and then you move to Paris." Well said, Alex. Well said. No further comment.
  2. Remember Mama Meester and Little Meester's legal mama drama? Mama Meester has finally decided that her gargantuan lawsuit was pointless and dropped the entire legal battle. But she didn't go down without a fight! Constance Meester, said that she 'sacrificed her happiness' to help Leighton make it big on the CW's hit Gossip Girl. She thinks she's entitled to some form of compensation. Right, because we’re all supposed to pay our mothers for encouragement while we follow our dreams. The real question: did Leighton take the bait? The actress’ attorney says that she is still seeking a judgment against Constance that will state, in no uncertain terms, that she does not owe her mom any support. You go Little Meester. We see you’ve learned a lot for your on screen counterpart and mentor, Blair Waldorf.
  3. As Jay-Z would say, “on to the next one!” After rumors were swirling that Emma Roberts split from Glee guy Chord Overstreet, the Scream 4 actress was seen out with another guy this past week. According to London Daily Mail, the mystery man has been identified as Kasper Hogan, and the two reportedly met two weeks ago at Chateau Marmont. The British young man is said to go by Lord Kasper, and escorted Emma, 20, to a Beverly Hills theater. What do you think of this rumored new couple? I wonder if he is as, how do you say… equipped as Alex or Chord…?

Beyond the read more is our interview with 90210’s Shenae Grimes!

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While we like to think our gossip blog is quite the success as well as quite the controversy, we want to take it a step further. We want your input; either on your fellow celebrity peers or your own glamourous life. Send us something and stop making us do all the work!

On to the real purpose of this post: interviews. Like we posted last week, we want to pick up our interviews again. We want one guy OR one female. Whether they choose to do the interview together is completely up to them but we want one or the other. We have a brilliant suggestion, Matt Bennett (who isn’t around as much). We would love to interview him once he returns, but until then, we want to know who you want to have the spotlight on our infamous gossip blog right now!

Weekend Gossip Roundup! 

Happy President’s Day, cuties! This is one of the few holidays that I’m not exactly excited for. I mean, it doesn’t bare any gifts for moi, however, we all gain much needed rejuvenation time before we go back to the hectic week our jobs bring… The best thing about this long weekend is the gossip that seeps between your fingers. The shit you don’t want anyone to know, but we find anyway to share with everyone. Enjoy!

  • First, let’s take a step in Alex Pettyfer's direction. If you are a young lady (or guy, we don't discriminate here) and you are interested in getting to know the British heartthrob, we suggest you take look into his past for a bit of Relationship 101. There is quite a bit you can learn from this strapping young fellow, like how you treat your ex. We are all aware that Alex and Glee hottie, Dianna Agron dated for quite some time, but does anyone know the inside details of why they broke up and the hell he put her through upon the end of their long romance? That’s right, we do! Apparently when the gorgeous couple split last year, Agron moved out of the home they shared together. Or did she flee? Yes, Agron fled from the home she and Pettyfer shared after an explosive argument over another man! *GASP* But here’s the comical part: Agron checked into a hotel under a false name out of fear for her life when Pettyfer called and threatened her! Sorry, did I say comical? I meant, seriously entertaining… As if the physical distance would lessen the tension, apparently Alex pulled out all the stops to being a psycho ex boyfriend. A source close to Agron shared that he stalked her new home for a month after the turbulent argument happened and text/called her until she had to have her number changed. “She was about ten seconds short of getting a restraining order.” Alex, you tell us, what the hell is wrong with you? Now, he and his ex, Emma Roberts, have been seen exchanging words and looking nostalgic. You better watch out Emma, you may be next….
  • Speaking of Emma Roberts… Someone must have showed the Hollywood cutie our article about her drug abuse and told her not to take our advice. On her birthday, she and Shenae Grimes exchanged words about going out and “partying”. Is that what the kids are calling snorting Coke, getting high off your ass, and drinking until you’re sloppy drunk these days? Apparently so, but just remember Emma, you’re only 20. Not 21. You have a whole life ahead of you (not to mention you cannot legally drink yet… not that that’s stopped anyone before… still!). Don’t throw it away for a fix and a trippy high… just saying.
  • America’s crazy bitch Blair Waldorf would never beat someone with a bottle, would she? No, that’s absurd! What about the actress who portrays her, Leighton Meester? I bet you are all thinking I have blurred the line between reality and Gossip Girl. I also bet some of you let out a loud, “say it ain’t so” accompanied by a quick gasp, but the truth is in the pudding, my darlings. According to a lawsuit filed by Mama Meester, the Gossip Girl starlet -insert laughs of hysteria here- beat, yes, beat her mother with a bottle last December! This comes after Little Meester filed a lawsuit for reasons we will not disclose, as they are very personal and do not deserve to be laughed at, against her mother. Her mother’s countersuit claims Leighton threw her to the ground and beat her repeatedly. Mama Meester also claims there was a word-of-mouth agreement that Leighton would pay her $10,000 (talk about chump change!) a month for the rest of her life. Now, her mother is pushing for wages, claiming “damages from the beating, breach of contract, fraud, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.” As you can see, this is not a spoiler for an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl, it’s really happening. While Little Meester insists this confrontation never occurred, she would like to be reimbursed for wages she sent to her mother over the course of a few years (again, personal matter). It would seem the Meester family is where the phrase “save the drama for your mama” originated. Well, who do you believe?

Gossip: You inspire it. I create it. Together, we share it. Don’t forget, I’m ruthless when I’m bored!

Until next time!


Things here in Hollywood have been very slow and unexciting. What happened to our badass actors and actresses? This just won’t do. Send in your confessions, gossip, rumors, hate, what-have-you to keep myself and the faithful readers interested. 

Rumors spreading like wildfire:

  1. Do Leighton Meester and Cory Monteith have troubles in their relationship? (Nothing new)
  2. Is Matt Bennett and Ariana Grande’s relationship over? (Nothing new there either)
  3. Did Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez ever work things out? (Who cares?)
  4. Is Emma Stone in rehab? (HAHAHA)
  5. Rumors about Emma Robert’s drug abuse. (That seems interesting)

Those are just a few of the [boring] rumors going through the grapevine, however, there are only two big stories that caught our attention this week:

  • We would just like to focus on Emma Robert's alleged drug abuse. Clearly, she didn't pay enough attention to the great stars before her, including her father. Emma has been seen lately sporting the attitude of a helpless drug addict and we think it's about time she get the help she needs. But signs aren’t the only proof here, no. Emma was spotted at a popular English night club on Monday night in the VIP section taking an unknown substance. She appeared to be heavily intoxicated and she could not control herself. A hint of advice to you Emma, you need to put the Coke down and pick up a script… or a one way ticket to rehab. We surely don’t want you to end up like, say, Lindsey and her strung out daddy.
  • Superbowl Sunday wasn’t just for football, it was also Darren Criss' birthday. But he didn't spend it with his girlfriend and friends, well not his friends here. Photos of Darren at a Semi Precious Weapons concert with a lady unknown to us (Mia we believe is her name…) surfaced on Monday, along with pics from a grand party with guests like Dianna Agron. But where was his girlfriend? She was on the couch, liveblogging the Superbowl with friend, Leighton Meester. As usual, we aren't sorry for what we're about to say; that relationship (Shenae and Darren's) is doomed. They might as well break up now. We get that they have lives outside of each other, but to go to an extravagant party and concert without your girlfriend is just unacceptable! 

As always, we want the scoop, so do as you’re told and let us in on your dirty little secrets or else we’ll just reach in and grab them out of you!

Weekend Gossip 

As much as we wish weekends could last forever, they don’t. But, it’s the end of the week, which means we have the gossip you might have missed while you were doing whatever it is most of you do.

  • Starting off with Nae Nae’s slumber party with Matt Bennett and Leighton Meester. The trio hooked up at Shenae Grimes' house for a night of fun and pizza! So what'd they do? We don't know, maybe they bonded over the fact that they're in relationships with the most boring people ever….
  • Broadway’s newborn baby Darren Criss finished his three week sold-out stint in How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying tonight, and while we’re really happy for him and all, we would like to take a moment and address this whole baby issue between he and that girlfriend of his -insert one of Kingsley’s famous looks of annoyance gifs here-. Little Ms. Grimes posted to her blog that she was feeling sick last week, which sparked a mini baby frenzy. Someone asked Darren if she was indeed the “P” word and he played coy. Now we’re just sitting here wondering what the heck is going on. They did manage to keep their relationship a secret for like, a month or two, so for all we know, she could be hiding some sort of bump! She’s been acting all depressed and weird and we’re confused! WILL SOMEONE FILL US IN HERE?!
  • Did Selena finally grow up and send a nice heartfelt letter to Demi asking to make up? LOL NO. But Demi Lovato did find a new best friend in Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale. The two girls were spotted this weekend at a luxury spa in Hollywood getting pampered like the two divas they are. But that’s not the real story here, no no no. In Demi’s February issue of Seventeen Magazine, she opened up about her past drug abuse and her ‘brutal’ fights with fellow Disney Diva, Miley Cyrus. Thank God she finally admitted her demons herself, because she honestly wasn’t fooling anybody. It came straight from the horses mouth herself. You can check her out in Seventeen Magazine on newsstands now.
  • Cory Monteith. Boy, where have you been? Apparently we and Leighton, his girlfriend of almost a month were the last to know he slipped away to Canada last week. Why is he there? He says he’s visiting his family, which wins him total cute points with us… but Cory, Y U DISAPPEAR AND NO TELL NOBODY? Whatever… What we’re most excited about is Cory’s contract renewal for season 4 of Glee. Yay! Now we get to see more of Cory make an ass of himself as the one and only Finn Hudson, who by the way left us craving more from last weeks major cliffhanger!
  • Ariana Grande, sweetie are you still pissed at us and that anon for our opinions? Of course you are. We already knew the answer is yes not that we care, but we are hoping to score some good points in her book by plugging her upcoming and nameless album set to release later this year. In the meantime, listen to her single “Put Your Hands Up” and let us know how it sounds.
  • Emma Stone has disappeared…. AGAIN. Her whereabouts this time are unknown, but speculators assume she’s taken some time to bond with her Spiderman co-star Andrew Garfield. We won’t lie to you, we’ve been perving from the sidelines trying to catch a glimpse into what’s going on in their relationship and we finally got some action! She was spotted in New York last week macking on Garfield’s lips. You go girl. But come back to Hollywood. We miss you!

Don’t think you’ll slip through the cracks without getting by us first. We’ll get that story one way or another.

Until next time!

Gossip Updates 

Hello munchkins! Boy, do we have some hot gossip for you! 

  • Let’s jump in and start with the boiling drama between Disney Divas, Selena Gomez and her now ex-BFF, Demi Lovato, who dare we say looked ultra fab (and very busty) at the People’s Choice Awards last night! Selena took to twitter to bash her friend saying, “You’re not who I thought you were,” and “Best friends turn into worst enemies. So happy to have all the negativity and fakes out of my life.” There are no words to describe the stupidity in Selena’s actions. Whereas Demi took a different approach and posted on her blog about growing up and telling her haters to “get over it”.

As far as the rumors between me and Selena, let’s just say we’re agreeing to disagree. We’ve both gone our separate ways like most friends do. And although some mean comments were made, I chose to be the adult and walked away. Because that’s what mature people do.

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We commend Demi for her mature attitude toward the whole childish situation. Selena seems like she’s vying for attention, and she’s getting it, but not from Demi! 

  • Emma Roberts was spotted out and about with an unknown boy toy! And by unknown, we mean irrelevant to Hollywood since we’ve never seen him before. So, does this mean she too has a new beau? Not so fast! Emma’s rep ensured us that the two taking a stroll are just childhood friends and he’s visiting from her hometown. Crazy, because never did it dawn on us that the two could be childhood friends! Here we were ready to set a ship sailing across the romantic seas. You’d think we’d have learned our lesson from the last ship we tried to go down with!

  • Such a lady! We got our bad ass bitch back! A very tired and fed up Shenae Grimes left the set of 90210 early in the AM looking pretty damn aggravated. Apparently, she gave the paparazzi a hard time. Well, more accurately, she gave them the one-finger salute, which they in turn took pictures of and made their month’s rent in selling. Tsk, tsk tsk, Nae Nae, didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s not polite to use that gesture? You better cut it out before someone chops that tiny finger of yours off… This just adds on to the recent accusations that Shenae is really just a bitch with a pretty face! This just makes us wonder what Darren thinks about all of this…. hmmmm.

You know where to find us! So give us the scoop before we have to claw it out of you!

New Gossip 

  • We’re not exactly sure what we missed. First we got the impression Cory Monteith and Leighton Meester were just friends after they bitched at us like 12 year-olds. Now all of a hot sudden, they’re a couple? The two were spotted at a local restaurant late last week exchanging long over due Christmas gifts and paparazzi caught them kissing! We wish you could see our faces because we’re not exactly sure what’s going on here…. Don’t get mad when we give our opinion and then go and do EXACTLY WHAT WE SAID. What are the logistics behind that? Anyway, they’re no longer our power couple for 2012, and we wish them the best of luck in their relationship. We hope it lasts. 
  • In other relationship news, it was revealed last week that Matt Bennett may have cheated on his girlfriend and co-star, Ariana Grande, which sparked a big outburst from her tiny mouth. 

Wow I love people making up rumors up about my boyfriend hooking up with some other girl. Just fucking love it. 

Well, from a completely objective point of view- because we think Matt seems like nice person and wouldn’t do that- we wouldn’t be surprised. Sorry, but Ariana strikes us as boring and ditzy. Haters gonna hate. 

  • Everyone’s favorite couple actually went out together, IN PUBLIC! Someone call 911, the apocalypse must be starting! The very private Shenae Grimes and Darren Criss hardly go out for us to see. Paps stole pics of the two going out for dinner out in West Bev. last night. Has anyone else ever noticed that they never do appearances together? We wonder why that is…. She goes to parties alone, red carpet events alone… Hell! We bet she probably goes to sleep alone most of the time! Hey Darren, sounds like someone should cast you in How to Succeed in Leaving Your Girlfriend Alone All The Time Without Really Trying.

Enough about couples, because they’re just pissing us off….


  • Willa Holland was spotted in Hollywood this weekend strolling around looking a tad bit lost. Not lost in the sense that she didn’t know where she was, but she didn’t know what she was doing with herself anymore. We hope we see more of her on the big or small screen because she’s a lot better than most of these basic actresses pushing their boring faces all over our screens. Playing dumb on t.v. is played out, we need Willa to make a big come back and shake some things up. Believe it or not, Willa is a phenomenal actress and we think it’s her time to shine. But hey, what do we know? We’re just a dumb gossip blog with shit opinions, right?
  • Are Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez in another raging tiff? Apparently the two kicked off the new year with a big bitch brawl. Sources say Selena’s pissed about Demi’s new attitude and expects her old BFF to stay the same ol Demi (we’re assuming gap-toothed and all). The two girls got into a verbal altercation at some benefit we weren’t invited to right after their appearance on MTV’s New Year’s Eve Special. Sorry to break it to you Sel, but people grow up and they change. Not everyone stays boring. Sorry.

Stay tuned for more gossip, sweeties. And don’t forget to grow a pair and send us some dirt!

Until next time, XOXO.

Anonymous whispered, "NEWS FLASH: Matt DID NOT cheat on Ariana."

Thank you for clarification anonymous sender. 

Matt made that very clear in a short and sweet post made on his blog yesterday. Shame on whoever sent that story in though. Clearly, they’re smoking something.

Gossip: New Years Gossip 

Well well well, we took a break to welcome the new year, but we’re back with the same ‘ol drama.

Starting off with the New Years Eve Eve bash thrown at the YIH club, hosted by one of our favorite Hollywood starlets, Leighton Meester. The party seemed to be a hit, with the usual guests, including Matt Bennett and Shenae Grimes, who hung out one on one after the party at his apartment. Wonder how that went….? Hmm…

Darren Criss was accused of flirting with long time friend Emma Stone and Leighton Meester, which his girlfriend did not take lightly. She lashed out on the anonymous haters stalking her blog and told them to keep their opinions to themselves.

As our readers know, we ship Leighton and Cory, or at least, we did. After tensions rose in response to our opinions in our last story, we decided to give it up. Something tells us they won’t be our power couple of 2012. We have new opinions on the two, not that they’d take our advice anyway…

We take back what we said in our last story about Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett when sources close to the couple spoke out about the distance in their relationship. Here they are looking very much in love.

Clearly, our ‘source’ was lying.

Our biggest story though is the return of Hollywood’s beloved star, Emma Stone. But where has she been? Sources say she took a break from Hollywood to spend some time with a new beau, others say she was in a rehab (which is highly doubted… but you never know…). Regardless, we welcome her back with open arms! Good thing she’s back because we want to congratulate her for being the best dressed at the NYEE party in this beautiful dress:

Perfect, as always. She looked radiant and ready to ring in the new year with this laced corset yellow and black mini dress.

That’s all the gossip we have for now, but please, don’t hesitate to share some with us. We’ll be waiting.

Gossip: Couples Drama 

Where are all of our couples? While Christmas is the time to come together, we are seeing everything but.
Are Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett headed for Splitsville? Sources think it looks so, but we think otherwise. Matt hasn’t taken her initials (A.J.G) off of his blog just yet. Maybe they’re trying to work it out? We spoke with someone who works with the couple on the set of their show Victorious, to shed some light on the topic, to which they responded, “They aren’t the same as when they first got together. Things are different and weird. It’s like one is always trying harder than the other… We just hope that for the sake of the show a bad break up doesn’t happen.” OUCH! So what happened to our young couple in love?

Apparently, they aren’t the only ones experiencing trouble in paradise this holiday season. Hot couple Shenae Grimes and Darren Criss aren’t as close as we once thought. A source close to the couple explained Shenae doesn’t want kids and Darren says he does. Our informant tells us he isn’t happy with her confession. This all stems from the answer he gave last weekend when asked if he wanted kids. He said yes, but he didn’t know how soon. Perhaps he’s working on changing her mind. We hope he does! Who else thinks their kids would be ridiculously hot?

And what’s a news story about couples if we don’t mention our OTP -not official- couple, Leighton Meester and Cory Monteith. Our minions tell us they are spending this Christmas… together! Is this what we’ve been waiting for? Our verified sources say Cory can’t wait to reunite with Leighton for some fun this holiday weekend, but they won’t spend the actual Christmas day with each other. We can see it now: chestnuts roasting on an open fire while Cory and Leighton exchange Christmas presents. We can’t wait to see what they got each other!

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