The Red Carpet 

Stepping out in style, the ladies of Hollywood like to show off their fierce fashion senses. Tonight, the red carpets rolled out and stars of Hollywood slipped on their best clothes to support charity. Here are our favorites from the night:

  • Shenae Grimes in a stunning and classic mermaid tail number.

Damn! That’s all we really can say after seeing Shenae in this gorgeous gown. We’ll admit, it wasn’t what we expected, but she WOW-ed everyone. It hugged her in all the right places and she wore it with more than enough confidence! Red is definitely her color. We assume she wore it as a festive homage to the season, which was a lovely choice. We like that she wears what people are not expecting and switches up her look every so often; it keeps us on the edge. The dress itself classy and timeless and she definitely gets a thumbs up from us.

  • Nina Dobrev in her very little black dress


"Hot and scandalous" should be Nina’s catch phrase from now on. Ms. Dobrev stepped out onto the red carpet in a black mini dress and showed off those long, lean legs of hers. Even though her dress wasn’t a gown, we loved how she switched it up and didn’t exactly "play by the rules", although we would have loved to see her rocking something similar to what she wore to the Emmy’s earlier in the fall. There was something edgy about her choice of attire. The chain-linked heels added a certain rebel flair to the not-so-simple cut of her black dress. Somehow, she managed to take a basic look and spice it up.

  • Leighton Meester in a flawless piece fresh off the runway

Dear Leighton’s stylist, pretty pretty please tell us where you got this fabulous gown from! Leighton was a stunner in this flowing floor length swarovski crystal gown. She hit all the major points tonight: she too, looked classy and effortless while looking hot and tempting. In our eyes, she was channeling her inner Blair Waldorf, as it’s something we could totally see on her hit CW show Gossip Girl. Positively without a doubt, the best dressed of the night!

News: Winter Gala Event 

Of course, everyone in Hollywood raves about three things: parties, fashion, and charity, and tonight all three are coming together.

The Winter Gala should be the highlight party of the year and a good way get into the holiday spirit, however to us, it’s a show. We want to see the hotties, the hot messes, and the claws.

Want the scoop on our best dressed predictions?
Obviously, Shenae Grimes, because after all, she did win an award for her style a few weeks ago. Also on our radar, Leighton, Ariana, Nina, and Cory. We can’t wait to see what they’re wearing, just like we can’t wait to see who comes with who.
Our favorite OTP Leighton and Cory should come together- but they won’t. What will it take to make this ship happen?!
Speaking of OTP’s where’s everyone’s funny BFF, Matt Bennett? We’ve been dying to see him and his girlfriend Ariana on the red carpet!
Another “One True Pairing” we want to see is Ms. Grimes and Mr. Criss coming out onto the red carpet together. They never do formal event outings together. This must be fixed!

Even when you don’t think we’re watching, we are. Enjoy yourselves tonight kittens!

News: Leighton and Cory Fight Back. 

As it would seem to us, Leighton and Cory strike in a pair. Yesterday we posted our typical news and as fate would have it, our power ship, had something to say. Coming to the defense of their friend, Shenae, both Cory and Leighton fired back using words of the inappropriate variety.
Leighton lashed out saying this was “not the time” to be picking on her BFF.
“…when does it becomes disrespectful? When? I’ll tell you when: When you’re judging someone over their actions (or lack of) with no consent of their feelings…”
Cory expressed his feelings through a Chelsea Handler gif from her show.
Simmer down children, we’re big kids here, and every now and then, big kids need to take a hit sometimes. What’s even more alarming is the fact that Shenae said nothing about it other than a few words and “lol k.” She isn’t butt-hurt over it, or at least that’s how it seemed to us.
Leighton met her BFF for coffee where the exchanged presents.
How cute.

Gossip: Hookups and Sightings 

As we all know, Matt and Ariana finally turned their crush into a blossoming relationship. The couple has been spotted out on cute little dates in the honeymoon stages of their new romance.

Paparazzi caught Cory and Shenae together this past Saturday shopping…? Yes, the duo went shopping for jewelry in West Hollywood. From the looks of it, Cory bought something pretty pricy for someone lucky. Our Christmas gift perhaps? We’ll get back to you on that… Cory looks to be hiding some secrets of his own. We can’t wait to find out what they are!

Shenae needs to get out more. We swear, that girl has been a hermit since her beau took sometime off. We assumed she’d be exciting with her boyfriend out of the picture for a few days, but that wasn’t the case. These past few days she just complains about work and going to Canada. Shenae, no one cares. Go back to being our slightly bad girl…. Thanks.

Anyone else seem to think there may be sparks between Leighton and Cory? We think they’d be a nice pairing. Just an observation.

Usually weekends are meant to be exciting. This weekend was everything but. Can you say Boring Central?
Send us some news soon lovelies!

News: Awards! 

Best Female Actress: Emma Roberts
Best Male Actor: Darren Criss
Best Female Actress in a TV Show: Shenae Grimes
Best Male Actor in a TV Show: Darren Criss
Best Musician: Darren Criss
Favorite TV show: Glee (Cory)
Best Dressed Male Celebrity: Joe Jonas
Best Dressed Female Celebrity: Shenae Grimes
Best Personality Male/Female: Leighton Meester and Cory Monteith

Actress of the Year: Leighton Meester- The Roomate and Monte Carlo

Actor of the Year: Cory Monteith- Monte Carlo and Sisters and Brothers

Also, Matt Bennett won Most Good Looking Jew with The Best Drummin Skillz while Ariana took home the award for Most Amazing Girl With Cupcake Velvet Hair

All in all the night was a big success for Glee’s Cory Monteith and Darren Criss, and Gossip Girl sweetheart Leighton Meester. 

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Anonymous whispered, "NEWS FLASH: Joe and Demi have developed some kind of a sex-based relationship. Can someone say Nymphomania? And what about Purity Rings?"

It seems to us that Demi needs to go to a rehab of the sexual variety. That, or her friends might want to reserve a spot on a little reality show called Intervention, and it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad idea for Joe to join the festivities. I mean, we all know Joe ‘lost' that purity ring ages ago. What changed your mind about “abstinence until marriage” Mr. Jonas?

News: Club HWood Opening! 

Club HWood opened it’s doors last night and some of the stars poured in to show it some support. A few of the stars in attendance: Emma Roberts, Leighton Meester, Miley Cyrus, Shenae Grimes, and Cory Monteith.

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Don’t think we don’t see what goes down on that dash! And if you didn’t see it, the scoop is right here!

First off, we’d like to start on a happy note with birthday wishes for Matt Bennett! Happy 20th birthday!
Last night, things got interesting at Shenae’s movie night with Matt, Nick, and Leighton, who joined later. Can you say awkward? All the flirting couldn’t be anymore obvious. All we have to say is watch out!
Earlier in the week, someone said Cory wasn’t in love with Lea anymore… Is there something we missed? Yeah they separated for a while, but who could come between our Gleektastic power couple?
Logan and Willa disappeared off of the face of the earth. Or ran away to Arizona…?
Nick has really been getting it on with the ladies. So far he’s taken half the girls out and flirted his way into their hearts. He can’t help it that he’s dreamy…

Remember, we see everything. If you have dirt, we want it first!

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